Nocturnal Animal

Valentin lives a submisse relationship with Ania. He discovers a physical love feeling through Ania.

Domination in se xis for him a revelation. He ll live it to risk losing himself.

Ania is a strange, powerful and complex women. She loves sex and violence. She doesn’t want to get in a durable relationship. She hates used to be with someone.

She wants to take energy and move to another person.

Valentin ll discover with her the extreme love but also the obscurity.

In this film, we talk about the dominant / dominated relationship.

Valentin is a man like many others exhausted and tired about simple an standart life. He is looking for exitation, for someone different, for an extreme sexual feeling.

Extreme is also dangerous.

Ania is a noctural animal, she is looking for energy , she only wants pleasure. She feeds by extreme sex.


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