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About me

I am a.. feminist porn producer!

It may seem a little surprising for some people but it’s an obvious choice for me now since I had such a hard time finding anything to fulfill my expectations (needs?) in the current porn industry.

Starting this project was not just a rash decision and there are many reasons behind it. Here is my story, a blend of two major elements; ma passion for cinematic arts and my dissatisfaction as a porn user.

Like many of you, my interest in porn arose in my teenage years and I started watching artistic erotic movies. I still remember my first movie… I had stolen one of my father’s video tapes and waited to be home alone on a Wednesday afternoon to watch the delicious Oshima’s Empire of Senses. That film was a revelation for me! The sacrificial ceremony was as fascinating as it was disturbing. The passion that unites the two lovers, the consuming power of sex, and the obsession that led to the climax of that infernal spiral were for me the trigger of my desire for quality porn.

Later on, when I started watching standard mainstream porn with my boyfriend, I really didn’t like it. I had the feeling that the women didn’t appreciate sex; it seemed like the men had a macho approach to these women who screamed out in fake ecstasy. I found it sickening and it gave me a sense that something was missing, there was no realistic porn available, nothing that reflected my sexual experience. At the same point in time, I started studying classic cinema and communications. As an ardent cinema-goer, films always have and still do, fascinate me.

Michael Haneke and John Cassavetes’s works before, Steve MacQueen, Gonzalo Inarritu and Xavier Dolan nowadays.

While looking for a new job during my career, I found and seized the opportunity to become Production Director for an adult movie channel where I was really in touch with the heart of the matter. I gained an insider’s view by seeing the filming process, working with one of the founders of ethical porn in France (Ovidie), meeting very interesting and friendly actors and actresses and witnessing the job from within with both its positive and darker sides.

At that moment, I reminisced about Oshima and thought that if a man in 1970s’ Japan managed to offer such an artistic movie about sexual passion then there was a place in the world for realistic porn movies with easy storylines where attention to detail is key.

This is what I aim to offer today: porn movies focused on you, a new era of light, playful and deliciously sexy porn!

I promise to bring you a different approach than the traditional standards! The end of clichés, like the plumber getting paid off with intercourse after fixing a dishwasher. Here you will find realistic porn which can sometimes be funny, like some of our experiences may show and all of this reflected through my lense.

I want to bring my own identity, my own representation of porn and not be a prisoner of others’ views or expressions.

I want to show you other forms of sexual expression than the “mainstream” representation which are quite often sexist and misogynistic.

Every single one of my films will deal with an individual sexual thematic which will be presented as a fiction as well as interaction with the actors who will disclose part of their intimacy. All this will be presented in a humorous and chilled out way.

I create quality porn where aesthetics meet pleasure.

I make the porn that I love, that excites and stimulates me and with every one of my films, I give you a part of me, of my fantasies or of my own experiences because the best inspiration for porn is real life experience.

I am not trying to give you advice or educate you but I want to give you anecdotes, ideas to stimulate your senses and spice up your own lives. My version is porn is aimed at all women and men who don’t feel represented by the current porn offer, for all those who don’t consider all women like vulgar pieces of meat or all men like inconsiderate machos.

I promise to always surprise you with my stories, always overwhelm you with passion, always excite you with love and lust and to always be honest with you.

Thanks to you, thanks to those who surround me, help and support me, I can finally do what I love, I can be myself, a producer of aesthetic, artistic and above all ethical porn.


Shoot with me

I shooted with Anoushka


Shooting with Anoushka is first and foremost an atmosphere! We have fun and let you of all inhibitions!

Shooting with Anoushka is about remaining yourself, making love as you would at home and enjoying it!

Shooting with Anoushka is authentic and it’s amazing!

My movies

My movies

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With or without you

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Emma has not fucked for several weeks. She inscribed on her mirror the days gone without sex. One morning, she receives a message from a guy met a few days ago. A date is organized at her apartment the same evening. First very excited by everything around her, she calls her friend Anoushka to share with her all the emotions that overwhelm her. Her friend advises her to reduce the sexual pressure by masturbating. Stressed by the shyness that emerges from the messages of the guy, she tries to set up a strategy of drag.
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Titof is melancholic, he smoked and remembered the woman who changed his life, the woman who maked beat his heart harder. One passion in his life, one intense love and intense troubles. Do we have one unique intense love in life ? And have we living it with more passion until lose yourself ? Love forever, love again, love of the life. One unique moment intense and attaching of a couple

Nocturnal Animal

Valentin lives a submisse relationship with Ania. He discovers a physical love feeling through Ania. Domination in se xis for him a revelation. He ll live it to risk losing himself. Ania is a strange, powerful and complex women. She loves sex and violence. She doesn’t want to get in a durable relationship. She hates used to be with someone. She wants to take energy and move to another person. Valentin ll discover with her the extreme love but also the obscurity. In this film, we talk about the dominant / dominated relationship. Valentin is a man like many others exhausted and tired about simple an standart life. He is looking for exitation, for someone different, for an extreme sexual feeling. Extreme is also dangerous. Ania is a noctural animal, she is looking for energy , she only wants pleasure. She feeds by extreme sex.  

Anoushka’s gift

Anoushka’s gift

Julie Valmont

Mia Wallace

Doryann Marguet



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